About Us

A transition based program that utilizes Project Life curriculum with work based learning experiences. Project Life teaches students skills that last a lifetime. This unique program combines classroom training with hands-on experience in actual businesses for employment and independence.

 Project Life

Project Life focus' on:

  • Skills for Success
  • Increased independence
  • Social and communication skills
  • Community integration
  • Competitive Employment
  • Relevant life skills
  • Self-determination
  • Real -World Experiences
  • Work based experiences:
    •  Work based learning experience in a variety of community locations
    • Classroom instruction on real-world topics
    • Essential life skills training

     On-Site Experiences:

  • Cookie Club
  • Screen Printing
  • Catering

    Off-Site Experiences:

  • Community based business


Must be 18-21 years old

Must have completed all of the high school requirements

Must submit an application

See your districts special education administrator for more information